Breakfast/Brunch menu served 9am to 2:30pm


Eggs served on Nonnas toasted bread

eggs brunch breakfast Chesterfield

SEMPLICE poached eggs on toast, hollandaise (v)...£4.00
ROYALE poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise...£7.00
BENEDICT poached eggs on toast, prosciutto, hollandaise...£7.00
FIORENTINA poached eggs on toast, mushroom & spinach, hollandaise (v)...£6.50


brunch restaurant Chesterfield

FAGIOLI Nonnas spiced baked beans on toast, poached egg (v)...£6.50
SCRAMBLED eggs & pancetta, Nonnas toasted Focaccia...£6.50
FULL ITALIANA Bacon, sausage, beans, eggs, toast, mushroom, spinach...£10.00
BRIOCHE French toast, bacon sandwich...£4.00

Health Kick

SMASHED AVOCADO on toast, beetroot hummus, pomegranate seeds, poppy seeds & almond dukkah...£7.00


BRIOCHE French toast, blueberries, maple syrup & vanilla gelato
BRIOCHE French toast, banana, nutella & vanilla gelato


jam toast breakfast Chesterfield

Just toast £2 // Beans £2 // Smoked Salmon £3 // Avocado £3 //
Fried or poached egg £1
Nonnas toasted bread, choice of orange marmalade or strawberry jam & butter...£3.00